ICYMI: Intranet disconnect, anti-racist dictionary, and social survival mammoth

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In case you missed it…

1. Evolution of the Intranet Survey (2020)

A new report from Brightspot, in partnership with CMSWire — the “2020 Evolution of the Intranet Survey” — offers the most current benchmarking data about how communications professionals perceive their intranet. (hat tip: Ragan)

  • 57.9% of respondents say the top objective of their intranet is to “enable collaboration with teams across the enterprise.”
  • But … the top return on investment for the intranet, according to 52% of respondents, is a “reduction of printing and paper costs.”
  • 🤔 Of the top 8 ROI items, none of them are about “enabling collaboration with teams across the enterprise.”
  • 💭 What’s with the disconnect? Reply to this email with your thoughts.
  • Click here to download the report

2. The Anti-racist Dictionary

“Language can be used deliberately to engage and support community anti-racism coalitions and initiatives, or to inflame and divide them. Discussing definitions can engage and support coalitions.” — from the introduction to the interactive Black Lives Matter Anti-racist Dictionary. (h/t: Brilliant Ink)

3. Three Communications Lessons From the Arts

Prolific author and leadership coach Dianna Booher (@diannabooher) wants you to consider your favorite movie, play, or novel. Which kept you awake at night? Which popped into your consciousness days or months later? Those outstanding works of art serve as great models for communication. The three lessons are:

4. How to Host a Socially-distanced Staff Awards Ceremony

Kate Waters (@katewaterscomms), Head of Communications for Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has a guest post on the All Things IC blog showing us how her team held a recognition ceremony…during a pandemic…at a hospital. (h/t: Rachel Miller)

5. Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

An oldie but goodie from the Wait But Why blog: “Our bodies and minds are built to live in a tribe in 50,000BC, which leaves modern humans with a number of unfortunate traits, one of which is a fixation with tribal-style social survival in a world where social survival is no longer a real concept. [We’re here] accompanied by a large, hungry, and easily freaked-out woolly mammoth who still thinks it’s 50,000BC.”



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