Content Creation: Internal Communications Versus Marketing

What’s the difference and why does it matter?

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  • Employee newsletters and intranet articles don’t write themselves.

Job Description

  • Proactively writes, produces, and edits a variety of digital and traditional media that conveys [Company’s] value proposition in beneficial and relevant ways to multiple target audiences.
  • Writes and/or produces all manner of content including short and longer-form stories, interviews/Qs&As, emails, e-newsletters, video scripts, PowerPoint presentations, and web copy.
  • Drafts, reviews, and edits message content, identifies target audiences, and suggests appropriate delivery channels.
  • Manages, writes, edits, and develops communication deliverables. Ensures the overall consistency, branding and tone aligns with network strategies and initiatives.
  • Both Internal Comms and Marketing are charged with telling the company’s story.

Gray Area

  • Both internal comms and marketing create content to persuade an audience on the strength of a company, brand, and products.
  • One audience is primarily internal (employees) and one audience is primarily external (customer and employee prospects). I use the word “primarily” because the content for each of those groups flows across party lines. A story written for the corporate blog is, of course, accessible by employees, and material produced for employees can easily be deployed externally. (Read: How Internal Comms Can Support PR Strategies.)

So What’s the Difference?

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Why Does This Matter?

  • This person does social media. That person creates graphics. This person writes stories (content).
  • That’s starkly different from how internal comms teams operate, where one person is expected to simultaneously satisfy various roles.
  • There’s a certain nobility in the role. (Please, I don’t think this is god’s work.)
  • Answers: The first example is from a job posting for a “Marketing Content Manager” for a university. The second example is for an “Internal Communications Strategist” for a hospital.



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