Study for Men and Machines (Rosalyn Drexler, 1965)

Insider Comms for internal comms


I only want to make two points here.

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  1. No two newsletters are alike
  2. If you subscribe, it’s a good newsletter
  • Axios is quick and to the point, with few articles going beyond 400 words…


One word: transparency

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  • Rarely should content appear bylined by nobody, an anonymous contributor, or an alias (e.g., The Benefits Team).
  • Definition of rare: Infrequently occurring; uncommon; scarce: a rare event

A Word About Transparency

A word on volumetrics


You can’t effectively manage what you haven’t measured.


4 comms things and 1 non-comm thing

445 stores, 30 countries, 165,000+ employees

  • Reminder: it’s budget season. Here’s my three-part series on how to make the business case for internal comms, published by Poppulo: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • In case you missed them, read interviews with the IC…

Mister Editorial

Many internal comms teams don’t have an editorial strategy. I’m here to fix that. Newsletter:

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